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Healthy Schools

Brief overview of project: As part of the School Improvement Plan (SIP), one of our objectives was to revisit our behaviour management across school and ensure our high expectations were embedded throughout so that pupils felt safe and secure in all areas of the school across the whole day. One of the main changes we have made this year in support of this objective is the way we facilitate home time and say goodbye to our pupils at the end of the day.

Previously pupils left each class and made their way, supported by staff, to their bus. Due to our increased pupil population and the number of pupils being picked up by parents the dismissal process was causing some anxiety. The dismissal process was overhauled and a new system put in place to reduce anxiety and ensure everyone’s safety. Our wheelchair users leave first to ensure they are given plenty of time and personal attention as their chairs are secured on transport. All other pupils congregate in the hall overseen by a senior member of staff. They sit in their transport group supported by a consistent staff team and await dismissal. The hall chairs are laid out in the same formation each day,so that pupils know where they should be sitting whilst they wait. Pupils are then taken out in in their bus groups, waving good bye to Susan as they leave school. Our pupils who are picked up by their family or carers are sat at the front of the hall and are dismissed first. This reduces the number of adults waiting in the foyer which, in the past, had caused some pupils added anxiety as they left for their bus home. As a result of these changes behaviours at home time have reduced and pupils report they feel safe as they leave for their transport home.

Members of the pupil council have said:

“I think it is good going in to the hall at the end of the day because I know which bus line to sit in and we all walk out sensibly together”.

“I like saying good-bye to Susan at the end of the day.”
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