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Lunch Time Clubs

Sensory Club - The aim of the club is to create a fun sensory environment. The session is generally themed using different smells such as incense sticks, candles and massage oils. Relaxing music is played to create a calm and soothing environment. The students are also given the opportunity to develop communication skills whilst working with their partner using Tacpacs. Other activities include parachute and bubble fun games, ribbon sticks, and the use of tactile fabrics. All children taking part in these activities have benefited greatly.
Beauty Club - Beauty Club is for a group of primary and secondary students, it allows the pupils to experiment and experience a range of beauty products and regimes. These include manicures, pedicures, facials, hair and design. Beauty Club also gives students the opportunity to socialise with their friends in a relaxing environment. Everyone leaves looking and smelling gorgeous.
Cooking Club - One of our more popular clubs, taking place in our food technology room. The club offers students a chance to create, taste and explore different foods.  Students are given the chance to learn quick and easy recipes.  
Sports Club - Sports Club offers some of our Primary and Secondary students the opportunity to play a variety of sports either in our purpose built Multi Use Games Area or the school hall on wet days.  Sports include football, cricket and basketball.
Comic Club - Comic Club allows students to create and design their own comics and creative art pieces.  Available to both primary and secondary students, Comic Club is one of our newer clubs that’s already very popular.
Wheelchair Dance - Offers students that chance to enjoy a sensory themed dance session. Each session is set to different topic e.g. the weather or changing seasons. Our younger pupils are supported by some of our F.E students.


Spanish Club - On offer to both Primary and Secondary pupils, Spanish club offers an introduction to the Spanish culture.  Students get the opportunity to learn basic Spanish phrases and sample some delicious Spanish cuisine.


Cycling Club - A group of identified pupils have joined our new daily Cycling Club.  Pupils  have the opportunity to access a range of adapted bikes and cycle on our new cycle track.  We have trikes, recumbants and two wheeler bikes.


FE Clubs - With an emphasis on age appropriate socialising our F.E students have the opportunity to attend their own Lunchtime clubs.  These clubs include Wii games, Pool, Films and  Craft Club. 


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