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Healthy Schools
Safety Education

Brief overview of project: This year we have introduced a variety of new strategies to help students, across every age range, stay safe in school and the wider community. New Dynamic Behaviour Management Plans (DBMPs) have been devised which empower our pupils and students, were possible, to manage their own behaviour by internalising strategies that help them cope with difficult situations such as a change in routine or change in their immediate environment. Relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing have been helpful for some students. DBMPs use a structured, risk assessed approach to support and manage behaviours which can challenge in different environments within school. Every student’s DBMP is unique to them and is a working document that changes to reflect the needs of the student and their developing ability to manage their own behaviours.
Where possible students are involved in their own behaviour management strategies and resources. This poster, devised by an FE student, acts as a reminder. It supports them in taking control, managing their own emotions and in turn, staying safe in school.

The student reported that “My favourite ways of staying calm are asking for time out and breathing deeply.”
healthy schools Safety Education
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