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School Council

The Loyne School Council is made up from one student per class group, these people are selected at the beginning of the year through a voting system within their class group. Students also have responsibilities within the Council; the Chairperson who takes lead of the meetings along with giving feed back to the Head and Deputy Head Teacher; the Treasurer who is responsible for the School Council's finances, and the Spokesperson whose job it is to remind council members of dates and organise meetings.

The School Council plays a vital role within the school as it is our job to find out the students thoughts, ideas or problems as well as help to improve our school. They give regular feed back to Carol and Barbara as well as the rest of the school.

The School Council is also the Eco-Committee and we are helping gather evidence and develop ideas to support an application for an Eco-Schools award. We have developed an eco-code, as well as think up ideas about how we can make the school more eco-friendly. We presented an assembly to encourage the school to save energy through turning lights and computer monitors off. We are going to check how each class is doing by completing a survey of what has been left on when no-one is in the room.
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