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SEN Surgeries
Loan Store
Sherborne Relationship Play
Monday afternoons 1pm-3 pm

We can offer advice, resources and help with SEN strategies on a variety of areas including:

- Curriculum Access
- ASD pupils and behaviour
- Handwriting
- TEACCH methods
- Improving listening skills
- Multi-sensory work
- Behaviour Plans
- Social Skills

Please contact Julia Middleton for a brief discussion and to book an appointment - j.middleton@loyne.lancs.sch.uk
We run weekly Sherborne sessions for small groups of mainstream pupils to join some of our KS 1  pupils in practical sessions. These are carefully structured physical sessions which allow children to work closely in pairs (often with another adult), focussing on body and spatial awareness, trust, cooperation and communication. Children respond well to the predictability and small steps in these fun sessions.

We currently have some vacancies for these sessions, please phone the school and leave a message for Honor Redfern if you are interested in more information.
We have a range of special needs equipment for you to borrow and trial in your school, ranging from switches, adapted keyboards, language masters, specialist software, sand trays and wobble cushions.

Items may be borrowed free of charge for up to a month. Please ring school or email j.middleton@loyne.lancs.sc.uk to arrange a visit.
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