Dear Parents/Carers

We write to inform you of the situation regarding the return to school in September.

The Government has just released its plans for the full re-opening of schools but Special Schools, Early Years and Further Education Colleges have separate advice.  We are very much in favour of welcoming all our pupils back however, we must ensure that this is done safely.


We can understand your frustrations and appreciate that you, yourselves, need to make plans but we cannot share what September will look like until we are provided with further details from the government.

Our current Risk Assessment can be found on our website

Please rest assured that the Senior Leadership Team is doing all it can to prepare for all eventualities but currently many decisions are out of their hands.  Once we are aware of the government’s plans for Special Schools we will need time to consider them in light of our unique setting whilst involving the services and agencies that support school, including transport.  We know you will appreciate that this may take a number of days.

We will be in contact as soon as we have further news.


Susan Campbell                                        Ann- Marie Houghton

Headteacher                                               Chair of Governors