A message from Susan and our Chair of Governors, Dr Ann-Marie Houghton

Dear all,

Last week Dr Sakthi Karunanithi (Public Health Advisor to the Local Council) issued blanket guidance to schools to delay wider opening to more pupils, because his professional view was that two of the government’s five coronavirus tests were not being met in the county. However, a reduction in the rate of confirmed coronavirus infections combined with Lancashire’s readiness to support the local implementation of the national NHS Test and Trace Programme means that enough progress has now been made to revise this advice.  It is important to stress that the prevalence of coronavirus is still higher in Lancashire than elsewhere in the country so our ability to extend our provision is still limited.

We are pleased to share that school will open to more named pupils from Monday 22nd June. We would like to thank all families for being open and honest about their situation and for supporting us in creating a workable rota for all those who wish to return. Our offer will be limited and will follow very strict health and safety guidelines alongside a thorough risk assessment (this will be on our website soon). We look forward to continuing to support our pupils at home via the website and regular phone calls and respect the decision of those of you who have chosen to keep your child at home.  Our colleagues in health and social care will also maintain contact with families who require this support.

We look forward to welcoming back some pupils and teachers and staff are busy finalising plans for their work and play. The school will look very different and we will ensure those children who are returning are provided with resources to aid their understanding of these changes.

We will continue to take advice and keep you informed should the situation need to change again, like you we are hoping we will not need to change plans again before the summer holidays.

We would like to thank all the staff of The Loyne for their continued hard work and commitment to the pupils and wider community over the past three months.

Susan and Ann-Marie