NEW -14 day isolation

NEW – underlying medical conditions and vulnerable people (link below)

We are doing all we can to keep up to date with all information coming to us from the DfE and the NHS. We are conscious that we may be instructed to close in the near future however in the meantime we wish to draw your attention to the following guidelines to try to ensure that our vulnerable children remain safe:

* If your child has a temperature of above 37.8, they should remain off school for a minimum of 14 days.

* If your child has flu like symptoms including a new cough, they should remain off school for a minimum of 14 days.

* If your child has a persistent cough and NO temperature, they should remain off school for   a minimum of 14 days.

* If you feel your child needs paracetamol then they should be kept at home.

* If any member of the family has any of the above symptoms then your child should stay off school for 14 days

Advice is all those with serious underlying medical conditions and those who are vulnerable to illness must practice social distancing for 3 months.

If you are unsure what this means for you please phone school or follow the link.

Please use this link to inform you of important information relating to your child with Learning Difficulties and underlying medical conditions

Please ensure you contact the office as usual to report the absence

Help us to keep our school community as safe as possible.

For further information please follow this additional link.

Please do not send your child back into school before the end of the 14 day period.

We have some very vulnerable children within our setting and it is vital we do all we can to reduce their possible exposure to Coronavirus.