Ehud Nir

Ehud Nir

My name is Ehud Nir and I am a staff governor at the Loyne Specialist Special School.

I have been a governor since January 2015 and became a governor because I wanted to contribute in a practical way to the running of school. I felt that there was a part of the curriculum that was not fully represented by other governors and that was the physical development of the students. I wanted to emphasise that much of the wellbeing of our pupils comes from their physical comfort and progress.

I am also on the Curriculum Committee. I have also enjoyed being involved in discussions around Literacy, Numeracy, school finance, healthy living, the Arts Mark, e-learning, green eco and international issues.

Being a member of the Loyne Governing Body is an enjoyable and rewarding experience as I can meaningfully contribute to students developing their life skills.


Type : Staff Representative (Elected)
Responsibility : Extended curriculum & Enrichment
Committee(s) : Curriculum Committee
Date of Appointment : 1/1/2014
Term of Office End Date : 31/12/2020
Appointed By : Nomination
Declaration of interest : N/A

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