Further Education

Further Education

Our dynamic and successful FE department aims to provide a smooth and personalised transition into adulthood through a curriculum where functionality, self-help and independence skills feature heavily.  Students may access a range of accreditation routes at a level appropriate to their needs and in a wide range of subjects. These include Entry Level, ASDAN and BTEC qualifications, which provide a natural progression for future learning. Students receive weekly homework with a functional and practical focus. Throughout the three year placement in the FE Centre, school staff work closely with individual students, parents, carers and other professionals to ensure that there is a shared vision of longer term outcomes and clear progression routes.

Through the FE curriculum, students become increasingly familiar and confident with their local community and its facilities. Where appropriate, some follow an intensive and individual programme of Independent Travel which results in them travelling safely to and from school using service buses. Others may be supported to use local leisure facilities, including the golf driving range, bowling alleys, climbing walls and gym clubs as well as facilities at local colleges.

FE Student waiting to perform

“We encourage students to become familiar and confident using community facilities.”

Work Experience

Within the department there is a strong emphasis upon the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students have access to a range of physical opportunities, including the use of the hydro pool, physio equipment, outdoor gym equipment and cycle track. Some of our students follow the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Bronze or Silver level and each student follows a bespoke Personal and Social Development curriculum. Students also learn about the importance of food choices, meal preparation and participate in shopping activities. Some independent living skills may be accessed at a local training flat in order to develop skills required to manage a home.

More recently, there has been a greater focus upon the significance of work related learning. All students are given the opportunity to apply for jobs which support the smooth running of school routines. Through a formal application and interview process and subsequent appointment and appraisal, students develop the transferable employability skills required in a workplace. In addition, through strengthening relationships with local employers, there have been greater opportunities to apply these skills through short periods of work experience or extended work placements. In some cases, these have led to students successfully gaining paid work upon leaving the FE Centre.

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FE Students on Outside play equipment

“The Training Flat is helping me feel more independent and in control of what I do.”

F.E. student