Healthy Schools - Curriculum Planning and Implementation

Brief overview of project:

In light of Assessment without Levels, we have been considering our new approach to assessing pupil progress in all areas of our holistic curriculum.

We have discussed the merits of a range of commercial assessment tools and found that no one system meets our needs. We have begun to devise a portfolio of assessment packages that can be used in a bespoke manner according to the needs of each individual pupil. We have retained the use of B Squared to ensure we have a cognitive assessment tool that can meet our whole population’s needs. B Squared ensures assessments can be moderated against other similar settings and it can also provide us with numerical data that can feed into a centralised data set held by NWSAG (NorthWest Schools Assessment Group). B Squared enables teachers to break down skills into achievable targets and supports staff in tracking progress across the term and year. Summative assessment is demonstrated in % improvement over a given time. Targets can be set for end of key stages and judgements can be made on the rate of progress each pupil is making. Further analysis of data is also possible such as progress of key minority groups and year groups.

For students working on a sensory curriculum we have been assessing progress using Quest for Learning. This has allowed us to capture and celebrate the success of this group of pupils, by breaking personalised learning down into small steps which are appropriate to each individual’s needs. We understand that for this group of learner’s progress is not always hierarchical and in many cases the transfer of skills from one setting to another is to be acknowledged and celebrated.

Download the Quest for Learning Overview (PDF)

Further the Engagement Profile has been trialled in school and has demonstrated that intervening in a pupils learning at a micro level can have a significant impact upon access to learning. Engagement is fundamental to each pupil: ‘Without engagement, there is no deep learning (Hargreaves, 2006), effective teaching,meaningful outcome, real attainment or quality progress (Professor Barry Carpenter,2010)’. The profile has demonstrated the value of observation and accruing valuable knowledge of what engages an individual pupil. Using this knowledge one can create bespoke teaching and learning environments for the pupil. The impact of increased engagement is seen in the ability of the child to learn. The Engagement Profile will be embedded across school after the successes this academic year.

Here is one of our pupils who has been assessed and using the Engagement Profile, fully engaged in vocalising into a microphone.

In addition to the statutory curriculum we are proud to offer a holistic curriculum, focusing on the individual needs of pupils. This personalised learning approach ensures that we meet all of the needs of each pupil thus focussing upon the best possible outcomes for each pupil. In order to meet all needs we run a range of interventions focusing on areas such as physical development, behaviour management, preparation for learning (Listen and Move) confidence, resilience and communication. Our additional curriculum and interventions are wide ranging.

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