Healthy Schools - Ethos

Three of the pivotal aims for the emotional health and wellbeing of our pupils at The Loyne Specialist School are:

  • To prepare and equip pupils to be members of a social group, community and to uphold British Values
  • To encourage respect for themselves and others
  • To promote lifelong emotional health and well-being

For pupils who have been struggling with these areas, a small focused group was created to support pupils in managing their emotional health and how they present themselves to others in school and the wider community. The group allowed pupils to focus on their feelings, how they currently manage them and what they could do differently in order to enable them to be a successful member of a social group and the community, in an open, honest and no-blame environment.

Activities in the ‘Keep Your Cool’ group included:

  • What anger is
  • Control and responsibility
  • Recognising anger in our bodies
  • Short term strategies to manage anger
  • Long term strategies to boost our wellbeing
  • Open discussion, rehearsal and scenarios

One pupil from the group stated that:

“I enjoyed being able to talk openly with a small group of my friends. I feel better talking about what is worrying me. I want to try and talk more like this now rather than just bottle it up.”

Activities in the ‘Talk About’ group included:

  • Recognising our feelings
  • Recognising others’ feelings and empathy
  • Body awareness and positioning for conversation
  • Initiating conversations
  • Turn taking in conversation
  • Memory and developing conversations

One pupil from the group stated that:

“I can talk to my friends now and can think of what to say better than I could before.”

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