Healthy Schools - Healthy Eating

Brief overview of project:

Previously the school kitchen facilities were outdated and unfit for purpose with pupils unable to easily make choices. With this in mind, we have recently remodelled and redesigned the kitchen facilities to better meet pupil need and promote appropriate socialisation, develop independence skills and promote effective expressive communication at lunch.

Pupils are given experiences in life skills by waiting, collecting own cutlery, carrying own food back to tables and, with food now displayed in a way that allows pupils to clearly see what is available, they are making more independent choices.

Throughout school we strive to deliver the highest standards in teaching and learning at every opportunity in order to meet lifelong learning outcomes for each and every pupil. In review of our Healthy Eating Policy it was decided to extend the range of healthy snacks available to pupils by purchasing additional items to supplement the milk and fruit that is currently provided free of charge to primary pupils.

The changes implemented during snack time have allowed pupils to extend their dietary and taste experiences to include a wider range of healthy choices as well promote social skills relevant to their individual needs. Our approach is one that stages the introduction of different and new foods over time, which in turn expands pupils tastes and prepares them for life outside of school. One pupil (who was particularly resistant to trying new foods) will now willingly taste his lesser preferred snack options and has stated he now likes: carrots, peppers and tinned peaches.

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