Healthy Schools - Learning and Teaching

Brief overview of project:

At the Loyne School, we have re-evaluated the methods of assessment that are used to capture the holistic development of our pupils. Various methods of tracking holistic pupil progress over long periods of time have been trialled over recent years. These were found to be time consuming and too generic for the variety of learners in school.

Recording of holistic pupil progress is now captured digitally using the Evidence for Learning app. It combines photographic and video evidence to detail progress and describe the next steps for each pupil, in a clear and concise way.

With Evidence for Learning, assessment and recording methods are fit for purpose and demonstrate progress effectively by combining the various recording methods and linking them to curriculum areas and the 5 strands of the Education Health Care Plan. This can be easily viewed by all stakeholders on school iPads and are even used in annual reviews by pupils themselves to share achievements with parents, carers and other professionals. For example, one pupil was very excited to show his mum and dad the progress he had made in being able to enter the swimming pool from the side.

This new method of recording pupil progress has been found to be far less time consuming and achievements can often be captured and recorded as they happen.

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