Healthy Schools - Partnerships with Families & Local Communities

Through discussions with pupils and sessions on employment opportunities, it was found that pupils in FE were unaware of how their skill sets could apply to employment in the local community. Furthermore, we found that possible places of employment in the local community were unaware of how they could support our pupils and become involved in the school.

An employability group was set up in FE in order to combat this issue. They worked hard to create a whole school event which would raise awareness to pupils, parents and carers, local businesses and members of our local community:

The Healthy Happy Me Event

The evening was attended by local businesses such as The Healthy Food Lab, Crossfit Central Lancaster, Body Shop, Scentsy, Tropic, Slimming World, Lush, Anna-Jane Holistic Therapy, Transform 2 Succeed, Buddhist Centre, Performance Rehab, NHS Quit Squad, Belle Beauty, The Hair Lounge, Salt Ayre Healthy Lives, St John’s Hospice, and the Hydrotherapy Pool. The young people themselves organised many of the events across the evening including gift bags, art demonstrations and a fashion show where attendees of the event could buy the clothes.

The event not only showcased the talents and skills of our young people but also gave them an insight into how their skills would transfer to the work place.

Following the evening, one student said: “I enjoyed getting ready for the event and working with others. It was nice to see other people coming into school.”

The event was a huge success in terms of empowering our young people, showing younger students across school what they are working towards and giving people in the local community a sense of what The Loyne Specialist School is all about. 

Quotes from our visitors:

“A beautiful school, superb displays and friendly staff, very impressed” (St John’s volunteer and former head teacher)

“The organisation on the night was top notch – very impressive. Thank you for inviting us.” (Active lives)

“The children did very well and should be proud of their achievements.” (Visitor/parent)

“We can tell how proud you are and rightly so.” (Visitor/parent)

“It was an amazing event, you all have worked really hard on this project well done all.” (Visitor/parent)

“Great night – well organised – lots of informative stalls and loved the fashion show which the students were fantastic – well done” (Visitor/parent)

“A credit to the school and community – students and staff were all seen enjoying themselves.”  (Visitor/parent)

“The schools passion for wellbeing is amazing”. (Visitor/parent)

How would you describe the event in three words?

Lively, Vibrant and fragrant

Fab, Fab, Fab

Very well managed

Enjoyable, relaxing, informative

Fun Relaxed happy

Busy, interesting, fun

Friendly, fabulous, success

What a Buzz

Great family fun

Entertaining, welcoming and fun

Fun, creative and involving

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