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2018-2019 is the year The Loyne Specialist School piloted their innovative Green Curriculum within the Primary department of school, with the aim of positively impacting the social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of an identified group of students, through delivery of a diverse and bespoke outdoor curriculum. The curriculum has been planned in line with Primary National Curriculum outcomes and alongside our holistic curriculum agendas.  This has been an exciting development in our teaching and learning at The Loyne whilst working in collaboration with The University of Salford as part of a pioneering research project.

For the 10 pupils in the class, this has been an incredibly positive year. Successes for pupils have included, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Increased independence in areas such as self-help (e.g. dressing self and organisation skills). For example, several pupils are now able to identify and collect their own bags, use a symbol list to identify the resources they need and locate and collect them from around the classroom.
  • Increased social interactions and intent. For example, several pupils have begun to initiate interactions and role play games, progressing from solitary play at the start of the year.
  • Increased functional communication. For example, some pupils are now able to make requests in an appropriate and purposeful way.

Parents and carers have also noticed marked developments, reporting that they have seen improved sleep, improved appetite, increased stamina and more curiosity when out and about with family.

When asked what he liked most about the Green Curriculum, one pupil stated:

“I like riding my bike.”

This has been an incredibly successful first year for the Green Curriculum and we look forward to developing it further in 2019-2020.

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