Healthy Schools - Safety Education

Here at The Loyne Specialist School we are constantly striving to set long term goals for our students in order to ensure they are prepared for adulthood. That’s why this year we have introduced Life Long Learning sessions across school. These sessions focus on equipping our young people with the skills and safety knowledge they will need to become successful members of the community, building on each individual’s independence, resilience and confidence.

The incredibly successful sessions have included:

  • Woodwork and simple joinery;
  • Simple electricity work including safety and wiring;
  • Accessing play equipment in the community;
  • Simple car maintenance;
  • Horticulture (including pruning, weeding, strimming, watering and harvesting);
  • Home maintenance (including tiling, painting; cleaning; mending furniture and moving and storage);

Students have really enjoyed the sessions, telling us:

“I liked car washing. I learned to make them clean and sparkly.”

“I enjoyed gardening; I felt like I got a lot of fresh air.”

“I liked making my photo-frame from wood, with Giles. It was good.”


For some students, this has led to successful volunteering and work placements. A group of pupils were involved in community horticulture projects with Lancaster City Council, planting flowers at Morecambe train station, Lancaster Holiday Inn and the Midland Hotel. As well as this, students have participated in grounds maintenance projects at Ryeland’s Park and Williamson Park.

Students said:

“I wore a high-vis jacket so people could see I was working near the roads in the park.”

“We learned to use gloves and litter pickers to be safe whilst we worked.”

“I liked going to plant flowers in town and everybody was really proud of our work.”

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