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We continuously promote the importance of regular attendance in school by offering purposeful incentives and rewards when pupils achieve improved or 100% attendance. All attendance is monitored by class teams and overseen by an Attendance Panel. Where medical issues are part of a pupil’s condition these are taken into account thus celebrating all possible attendance. Positive regard is shown from class teachers who will send personalised postcards home on a regular basis to end of term celebration assemblies and the special Head teacher’s celebration which is held for pupils who have attended for each day of a term. An end of year celebration is always personalised to those who have outstanding attendance.

It is paramount that pupils, where possible, take responsibility for their own attendance. Some pupils benefit from personalised reward charts which support them, pictorially, in emphasising the expectations of attendance at home and school. A key aspect of our work is ensuring each pupil understands the significance of regular attendance in a meaningful way. This will be personalised to each pupil. We emphasis aspects such as friendship groups and improved social skills; access to key therapeutic interventions and improved key skills such as reading and writing. As the pupils get older we also emphasise the importance of attendance as a key employability skill.

One FE student who received ‘Student of the Week’ for improved attendance stated:

“I wasn’t expecting to get the Student of the Week award, but I was really pleased and I got to choose a reward in assembly. I’m proud because I’ve been working hard and coming to school every day. I don’t like missing school any more because I don’t want to miss anything and my mum helps me make sure I’m ready for the bus on time in the morning.”

Another FE student, also worked hard to improve his attendance! He told us:

“I always come in after I’ve had an appointment in the morning now, so I don’t miss out on anything fun at school. I really enjoyed doing the taster course at Lancaster and Morecambe College because we got to try loads of cool stuff like I used a blow torch for plumbing and couldn’t have done that if I didn’t come in after my appointment.”

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Please direct all enquiries to the school office team, the telephone will be answered by Tanya, Natasha, Carly or Alison who will ensure the correct member of our school team responds to you. For any further information you can contact us using the details below and we will get back to you.

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