Nat Craig

Nat Craig

Hello! I’m Nat and I’m a Learning Assistant here at the Loyne. Since starting at the Loyne I have been welcomed with open arms by all staff and students and I’m very proud to be part of such a wonderful community and honoured to be part of the staffing team and work so closely with our students.

My first year of employment was spent working across the different age phases as a Learning assistant. This was a valuable year as it allowed me to learn about the students and their needs and get to know them, which has allowed me to support each young person that I work with in the best way possible.

Being on the frontline and working in school, as well as being a staff governor, will allow me to be a voice for our students and my colleagues. Being a staff governor will also help me learn about the management and operational context of the school which I can then help with facilitating the running of our excellent hard working school.

Seeing the effort our students put in to their daily education and the milestones they reach despite huge obstacles in some cases inspires me to be active and enthusiastic in my role which I am very passionate about.

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Name : Nat Craig
Responsibility :

Type :
 Staff Governor
Committee(s) :
 Curriculum Committee
Date of Appointment : 24/11/2020
Term of Office End Date :
Appointed By :
Declaration of interest : N/A

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