PE and Sport Premium

The PE and Sport Premium is used within The Loyne Specialist School to support the physical development and engagement in sporting and physical activities appropriate to each and every individual.

With this funding we wish to:

  1. Ensure that all staff are trained to understand the physical development needs of all our pupils, including those with physical difficulties, in order that they can maximise the opportunities for physical development for all pupils throughout their school life.
  2. Provide high quality PE lessons that challenge pupils at all levels.
  3. Ensure that pupils with limited movement and complex needs participate in activities that develop movement and encourage flexibility and muscle control.
  4. Identify pupils who benefit from opportunities to improve their health and fitness and provide engaging opportunities do develop strength, stamina and a feeling of well-being.
  5. Provide a wide range of sporting opportunities through clubs and extra-curricular opportunities.
  6. Use the ‘great outdoors’ to develop all our pupils both physically and mentally, through a breadth of outdoor and adventurous opportunities and challenges.
  7. Use the therapeutic and physical benefits of our hydrotherapy pool to support the physical developments of our pupils. *

The Loyne Specialist School is an all-through school, providing education for children from 2 years old through to 19. We cater for pupils with a wide range of physical disabilities and learning difficulties. The physical development of all our pupils is fundamental whatever their level of ability or disability.

* Whilst we continue to promote the aquatic curriculum and physically stretch those pupils for whom independent swimming is an appropriate target, the Year 6 National Curriculum requirements are not attainable by our current Year 6 cohort.  

Therapeutic Physical Development

We prioritise the therapy needs of all children and maximise opportunities for physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rebound therapy within each pupil’s timetable. We have a specialist team that works with our visiting NHS therapists to ensure advice is followed and pupils have significant opportunities to engage in physical development. We have members of the school staff who are trained in ‘MOVE’ which provides pupils with physical disabilities a programme of study which places movement as the centre of learning; teaches through routine activities and real-life situations. The Move Programme is ongoing throughout the pupil’s life. Move not only benefits participants on the programme but also parents and carers who, because of the person’s increased mobility, spend less time on routine care.

Therapeutic Play

Therapeutic play is implemented within the primary phase of The Loyne to provide pupils with an opportunity to make choices, take responsibility for their actions, express their deepest feelings through large, gross motor movements both inside and outside of the classroom environment. Sessions are run by a qualified Therapeutic play instructor who ensures that sessions provide opportunities for pupils to build up their physical and metal skills via a range of problem-solving activities and scenarios. This programme of study will provide the pupils with the foundation needed to access further physical interventions and lessons as they progress through The Loyne School.

Physical Education

Every PE lesson at The Loyne will include a wide range of abilities, disabilities and learning difficulties. Each individual pupil will have very different physical needs and targets. The teachers who deliver these lessons have an excellent understanding of their pupils needs and are supported in delivering high quality PE lessons. Training for staff is offered via local authority training courses, the Lancaster & Heysham School Sports Network and also from identified members of the school Physical Development Team within school. The School PE Co-ordinator monitors PE lessons and ensures that staff are confident in meeting the needs of all pupils and provide challenging and exciting lessons.


Many pupils at The Loyne lead inactive lives outside of school hours, for many reasons. Data demonstrates that whilst our pupil population travel from a wide and diverse economic area the majority of our pupils live in a ward with a MDI ‘C’ which is categorised as just above and just below average. Certain categories bring this overall average down most notably Health (40% of the most deprived wards) and Living environment (40% of the most deprived wards). In addition to this the many physical and behavioural difficulties of the Loyne pupils can also present many barriers for families attempting to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

We acknowledge these reasons, but are also very aware of the many benefits of developing a more active lifestyle. Identified pupils are therefore provided with opportunities throughout the school day to take part in a wide range of short high energy sessions. These include running and cycling sessions on the school cycle track, ‘Wet and Wild’ outdoor challenge sessions in all weather conditions, Rebound Therapy and for a group of ‘Personalised Learning’ pupils a programme of physical sessions which are incorporated into the student’s daily routine e.g. every lesson or set times throughout the day.

Extra curricular

We also engage pupils in physical activities through lunchtime and after school sports clubs (dance, football and bowling) theme weeks (Olympic week and Children In Need). Residential outdoor and adventurous activities have included canoeing, rock climbing, caving and camping to name a few. Student’s across the school have accessed our local sports centre (weekly) as part of their school curriculum, utilising the gym and swimming pool.

School Resources

The Loyne school is very fortunate in having well developed school grounds with a Woodland, ‘Multi-Use Games Area’ (MUGA), outdoor gym equipment, a cycle track and carefully landscaped play areas. We also make use of the local area, with easy access to the sea shore, local parks, ‘Leaf- Centre’, sports centres etc.


Contact Us

Please direct all enquiries to the school office team, the telephone will be answered by Tanya, Natasha, Carly or Alison who will ensure the correct member of our school team responds to you. For any further information you can contact us using the details below and we will get back to you.

Phone: 01524 645 43