Primary & Secondary Departments


Primary and Secondary

When children progress to the Primary Department they are ready to move to a more structured environment with pupils accessing a series of lessons through the day with identified snack and play times. Smart Start 2 is a bridging class between EYFS and primary and enables lower primary children to begin to access more adult led teaching activities whilst continuing to access continuous provision (albeit in a scaled back way).

Children follow all National Curriculum subjects which are taught at a level that is appropriate for each individual and many subjects are taught in a creative way and are integrated around a theme (formal curriculum).

In addition to accessing the formal curriculum, the curriculum at the Loyne is holistic. It recognises pupils own individual learning needs and endeavours to meet their full potential both academically, socially, physically and emotionally. A pupil’s curriculum may include accessing aspects of our developmental (rebound, multi-sensory learning or physical development activities) or additional curriculums (a time specific intervention to enhance learning e.g. TEACCH or sensory diets).

All pupils have individual targets relating to their EHCP and these are taught through 1-1 and small group and whole class teaching opportunities and are set in conjunction with therapists where appropriate. Through the primary age-phase children have weekly homework packs sent home which help to consolidate their learning.

As pupils move into the secondary department there is a greater emphasis on developing their independence skills. Pupils continue to learn new ones but there is also a greater expectation (where appropriate) to generalising these across the curriculum. Similar to primary, pupils follow the National Curriculum range of subjects and aspects of the school’s developmental and additional curriculum as appropriate.

Older secondary pupils (Key Stage 4) can gain accreditation through following ASDAN programmes of study and have the opportunity for work experience in Year 11.

Homework includes self-help activities as well as consolidation of class work skills.

“The curriculum, its delivery and, above all the staff at all levels have been exemplary”

“We are very proud of our child and very grateful to Ehud for having the patience and determination to teach him how to cycle.
This means a lot to us as a family as we can be more active with him”

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