Safeguarding and Equality Duty Statement


The Loyne Specialist School is committed to safeguarding and protecting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults as its number one priority.

Full copies of Policies and Procedures related to all aspects of Safeguarding, and the Complaints Policy, are available on request from Susan Campbell, Head Teacher and Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding and Child Protection.

The Loyne Specialist School is committed to safeguarding and protecting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults.

The school has produced a Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy (‘Under review, please contact school on 01524 64543 for further information’) based the Government’s Department for Education guidelines and advice. Emphasis is placed upon protecting the child through established procedures that are known to all staff. Staff have received regular training in the recognition of symptoms of abuse and in the procedures for the recording and reporting of incidents. The Head Teacher is the Designated Senior Lead member of staff responsible for the implementation of Child and Safeguarding Policy and Protection procedures. There is also a named Governor and all members of the Senior Leadership Team (with the exception of the school Business Manager) are trained to be designated for child protection in the absence of the Head Teacher. Where a child appears to demonstrate the outward signs of abuse, the Head Teacher is obliged to refer the matter to Lancashire’s Children’s Social Services Department.


Equality Duty

The Loyne School complies with the general and specific duties of the Equality Act (2010). In accordance with the duty we publish information that demonstrates that we have due regard to the need to;

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination
  • Advance equality of opportunity
  • Foster good relations

These specific duties have been considered in relation to all our policies and procedures in school.

Contact Us

Please direct all enquiries to the school office team, the telephone will be answered by Tanya, Carly or Alison who will ensure the correct member of our school team responds to you. For any further information you can contact us using the details below or fill in the form on the right and we will get back to you.

Phone: 01524 645 43