Washing Your Hands song

Washing your hands is very important. Sing along with Evie to help you wash your hands properly.


2nd April 2020 - More Dinosaur Antics!

Today we have more dinosaur antics! Get involved in digging for fossils, creating your own dinosaurs and gathering things to make your own sticky, slimy swamp!

Download Dinosaur Activities

Download instructions on how to make your very own dinosaur.  This activity can be adapted to suit, children can practise their cutting skills, try out some gluing or simply peg the legs on to increase fine motor skills and complete the dinosaur.




30th March 2020 - Dinosaurs

In Cartmel class, we love dinosaurs and we hope you’ll get involved in the activities.  From swamps to fossils, take a look at the fun and enriching activities.

Download Dinosaur Activities

Dinosaur Song: Listen to the Dinosaur song and follow along to move like a dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson: Listen to the story together with your child.

23rd March 2020 - 4 Activities to try
  1. Making patterns in flour, salt or shaving foam
  2. Freezing and melting
  3. Make a pasta necklace
  4. Playdough

Download the instructions includes symbols

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