Washing Your Hands song

Washing your hands is very important. Sing along with Evie to help you wash your hands properly.


Easter Activities

Happy Easter! Here are some Easter themed activities for you to have fun with over the next two weeks!

Download Easter Activities

Use the Makaton signs to sing and sign along with the musical story. Get active and see if you can hop in time with the animals.

Here is the link to make your easy no-sew sock bunny. It involves lots of practise of those important motor skills while creating a fabulous Easter decoration or toy.


Activities can be done inside or outside. If you choose to carryout some of these activities in a public outdoor space, remember to observe safe social distancing, keeping at least 2m away from other members of the public.

2nd April - Music

Music is all around us! In Derwent we have been making music from the things we find in nature as well as re-using old items. For example, music sticks for drumming, stones in plastic bottles for shaking and simply listening to the sounds around us.

Create some of your own musical instruments listed here, and then have a go at some of these activities;

Music Stick

  • Tap it on different surfaces to hear the different sounds. How does the sofa sound compared to the wall? Can you run it along some railings?
  • Take it in turns to make and copy different rhythms. Everyone in Derwent loves having a go at being the leader.
  • Fill glass bottles with different levels of water to create different notes. Make a tune. Make it harder by asking your child to make a simple sequence then try to repeat it. Please support closely when using glass bottles.


  • Create a tune! Make it harder by helping your child create a song or vocalise along with the sounds.
  • Once you have put your elastic bands on, you can go wild creating a custom designed work of art. Add an empty kitchen paper roll for the neck and colour, paint or add stickers.
  • Put on your favourite tunes and play along.


  • Shake your shaker to your favourite song. Stop the music at various points and see if your child can pause their shaking. Swap over and let your child take control of the music!
  • Count to 10 while your child hides with the shaker. They need to shake the shaker so you can follow the sound to find them. Swap over and see if they can find you.
  • Can you follow the instructions in the song?

Of course, if you already have musical instruments at home, use these too!

Use the symbols to support your child as needed by either printing or drawing them out yourself.

Activities can be done inside or outside. If you choose to carryout some of these activities in a public outdoor space, remember to observe safe social distancing, keeping at least 2m away from other members of the public. 


30th March 2020 - Position and direction

In Derwent we have been practising giving and following instructions using the language of position and direction. Here are some activities you can do at home, to build on what we’ve been learning in school.

Download Position and Direction activities

Need to get moving? Give this a go! Can you keep up with Hip Hop Granny?

Help Peg find the treasure by following the instructions: up, down, left and right. The game uses arrows to support your child and it can be played on a laptop, computer or tablet.

Watch and sing the song together. Using a box and any object, see if your child can put the item in the same place as monkey is hiding. If you have a toy monkey, even better!


You can use the symbols to support your child by either printing them or drawing them out yourself. You can also demonstrate the language either by using objects or positioning yourself (e.g. behind the sofa). If your child is struggling with the number of different instructions, try using two at a time. We have done lots of work on ‘over’ and ‘under’.


26th March 2020 - Mini Beasts

Derwent have been searching for minibeasts around school and while at Leighton Moss. We have counted worms and slugs a plenty and have even spotted a snail, centipede and millipede.

Have a go at these activities with your child at home. If you have a garden, pop out to see what you can find. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to an outside space, you can use the photographs on this page or try these online activities where you can look at and explore a whole host of different minibeasts:

Find out about and look at different minibeasts with Jess: 

Build your own minibeasts:


Watch the story together and pause each time caterpillar meets a new insect. Help your child copy the actions of each one.

  • Tap your feet, like woodlouse in his clogs.
  • Squeeze your feet, to make them as warm as spider’s.
  • Wiggle like the worms.
  • Jump like grasshopper. Can you do both little AND big jumps?
  • Polish your shoes with a cloth, to make them nice and shiny like beetle’s.
  • Hide like the stick insects.
  • Run like snail (or a bit faster if you can!)
  • Fly like butterfly, once he has his wings.

Download further activities

Get creative when making your minibeast environment. You could make it in a shoe box to go outside later or you could even create a den with cushions and sheets and pretend to be the minibeasts living inside!

If you choose to carryout some of these activities in a public outdoor space, remember to observe safe social distancing, keeping at least 2m away from other members of the public.




23rd March 2020 - Stanley's Stick

We have been reading Stanley’s Stick in Derwent. Stanley’s stick can be a saxophone, fishing rod, telescope…in fact it can be anything he wants it to be!

Click on the link to watch the story together. You can pause each page and copy what Stanley does.


stanleystick imageFind a stick at home and see what it can be.

Can it be a dinosaur with a loud raw?

Can it be a whistle on which to play a tune?

Can you make it into a fishing rod to catch a big fish?

Let your imagination run wild with your child!

Can you find more sticks and count them together?

How about lining them up in order of size?

Can you put them together to make the different letters in your name?

If the sun comes out, try planting it in the garden and watch how the shadow moves over the day.

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