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Easter Activities

Happy Easter EL2 and families!

Download Activities Overview

Here are 4 fun filled Easter activities you can do with your family.

Salt dough eggs Easter Activities

Paper Wreath Easter Activities

Jars Easter Activities

Decorated eggs Activities

Have a try at them all and make some lovely decorations for you house.

2nd April 2020 - 5 Ways to Wellbeing Challenge

Our 5 Ways to Wellbeing work continues today with a challenge.

Can you GIVE each day for 5 days? Have a look at the challenge sheet together. or view our Symbol instruction sheet.

These are the activities:

Thursday – Vacuum a room – we have done this in school, can you use the instructions ‘Vacuum a room‘ to do this on your own? Symbol instruction sheet

Friday – Make lunch – use the instructions from last week as a reminder. See if anyone would like a sandwich. What fillings were favourite choices?

Saturday – Clean out the fridge – talk to your family about healthy choices. You can use the traffic light resources from last week to see what is healthy and what is a treat.

Sunday – Clean the windows – we have done this in school, can you use the instructions ‘cleaning the windows‘ to do this on your own? Symbol instruction sheet

Monday – Play a game – We have done this in our PSD lessons. Take time with your family and have fun.

30th March 2020 - My Favourite Sandwich
  1. Have a look at the sheet how did we get on last week? Did you do some of the activities? 

Can we continue our good work and make a sandwich for lunch? You can look at the sheet My Favourite Sandwich for ideas. Ask your family members if they would like one too. You can GIVE today and this week by making lunch. Use the instruction sheet with symbol support to work as independently as possible.

  1. Even though we cannot go out gardening at school we can still TAKE NOTICE. What can we spot out of the window? – Birds, bulbs, buds on trees, cats, you could play eye spy!

Check out the sheet for ideas of the things you can see and see what you can spot.

If you would like to know more and learn the name of the things you see look on the websites below.

To find the names of:







26th March 2020 - Traffic Light Food Colours

In EL2 we have been working on our 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

Have a look at the sheet to see the activities we have done in school that we can practise at home.

This week can we help sort out and clean the kitchen cupboards? This is part of our functional skills, sorting, cleaning, comparing sizes, health and safety etc.

Whilst the items are out of the cupboard we can look at the food labels. We have been doing this is school. We can decide which foods are a treat (red), which foods we can eat most the time (amber) and which foods we can enjoy freely (green). This is great for all the family.

Download traffic light food colours

Look at the powerpoint for information to explain these labels. To help talk about this with your children please check  out the NHS Change 4 Life website. It has helpful tips and videos.

Here is the link:


There are also 2 instruction sheets with symbol support. These help our young people work more independently.

Download reading food label instructions

Download cleaning kitchen cupboard instructions

Lets work together!

23rd March 2020 - 2 Activities to try
  1. Stretching – we really enjoyed our stretching and flexibility for the All About Me project last term. Download the Power Point. Can you remember them and teach your family? Only record if you want to, this can be a fun way to keep mobile, active and have fun. Download excel recording sheet.
  2. Making cards – make cards ready for birthdays or send a card to a loved one you cannot visit at the moment, here are lots of ideas that are simple to make at home! https://www.mybluprint.com/article/easy-card-making-ideas-that-take-30-minutes-or-less

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