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21st May 2020

This week is Mental Health Awareness week.

Throughout school we have focused on our 5 ways to wellbeing – give, connect, be active, keep learning and take notice.

Take time out of your day to try to complete these 5 ways to wellbeing challenges.

Connect – play a game with family members

Be Active – Try the Joe Wicks workout on youtube

Take Notice – in your garden or on a walk take notice of what you can see

Keep Learning – Use the traffic light sheet to sort your cupboards

Give – Use the Spanish Omelette recipe to make lunch for your family

18th May 2020

Today’s work continues on the topic of Environment. Use the instruction sheets to find out how to make bird seed feeders.

This video also shows how to make the feeders if you need more guidance!

14th May 2020

Download – Wellbeing challenge

Download – Traffic light foods

Our 5 ways to wellbeing include:

Be active

Keep learning



Take notice

Today we are going to focus on Give. Your challenge is to complete one of these tasks each day.

Thursday – Vacuum a room – we have done this in school, can you vacuum a room or the whole house on your own?

Friday – Make lunch – See if anyone would like a sandwich. What fillings were favourite choices?

Saturday – Clean out the fridge – talk to your family about healthy choices. You can use the traffic light resource to see what is healthy and what is a treat.

Sunday – Clean the windows – we have done this in school. Can you clean the windows leaving them spotless?

Monday – Play a game – We have done this in our PSD lessons. Take time with your family and have fun.

11th May 2020 - VE Day

Following on from the VE day celebrations, have a go at making a war time carrot cake.

Ingredients were rationed during the war and sugar was hard to get hold of. Carrot cake was made because the carrots act as a natural sweetener.

You could research other war time recipes and have a go at making a few.

7th May 2020 - VE Day

Friday 8th May marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe day.

Use the activity sheet to help you prepare a stay at home street party for you and your family to enjoy!

4th May 2020 - May Day

Have a look at this video below to find out more about May Day.

Once you have done that, you can make a May Day Crown for yourself or someone else to show your appreciation.

Download Activities – May Day Crown



30th April 2020 - Home Environment

Download Activities – Home Environment

‘This term our topic is Environment. Use the information on the sheet to help you improve your home environment. See if you can complete at least one of the tasks every day.’

27th April 2020 - 3 course meal
Download Activities – 3 course meal

Create your own 3 course meal for your family to enjoy. You can take your time to make 3 courses for them to enjoy. Use the meal guide to help you create this wonderful evening for everyone to enjoy. Bon Appetit!

23rd April 2020

Download Activities – Garden projects

This week take advantage of the lovely weather and try to get outdoors into the garden if you can. Take a look at the Garden projects sheet to gain some ideas of what you could do in the garden as a project.

Bug hotels are easy to complete and can be made from a range of materials!

Sprucing up your garden can also be a great way to make your outdoor space really special – watch this video to see a great garden improvement: 

Wooden pallet projects are a little harder and require a few materials. If you have these lying around this could be a great project for you and your family.

Now you can get out and enjoy the weather!

If you do not have a garden, how about you start a little project in your house using these ideas:

Download Activities – House projects

Rearranging your bedroom to give it a fresh new look

Giving your kitchen a deep clean.

Easter Activities

Have a look at the activity sheet to give you a brief overview of the activities you could be doing over the Easter holidays with your family.

Download Activity Sheet

The PowerPoint will give you instructions and additional activities you could do independently or with members of your family.

Download Powerpoint instructions

Have a great Easter!

2nd April 2020 - 5 ways to wellbeing

5 ways to wellbeing: Throughout school you will have been looking at the 5 ways to wellbeing, use the guide and try to complete all 5 ways to wellbeing every day. Use the tracking grid to help you record what you have done.

Download instructions to make Simple Hummus

Easy homemade hummus: During catering you have practiced making hummus. Have a go at making hummus at home. You can add different ingredients to make your own flavour. If you find a flavour that really works remember write it down for future reference!



30th March 2020 - Jobs around the house
26th March 2020 - Meal Planning

Use the organisation skills you have learnt during your PSD lessons to plan your weekly meals using this useful meal planner. By planning meals you can save money and reduce the amount of times you have to leave the house to go to the shops. For an extra challenge, try to think of meals that use the foods you have in your cupboards already.

Download Links and Meal Planner


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