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2nd April 2020 - Daily Activities
26th March 2020

Read the book ‘What is in the kitchen?’  with your child.

Then read it through a second time doing one of the following things whichever is most suitable for your child’s learning and ability:

  • Encourage your child to find the object from where it is in your house and place it on the photo and then return it to the correct place.
  • Handle each object with your child as you read the book with them, touch and feeling them saying the name of the object over and over.
  • Read the book through and encourage your child to find that object on their AAC device or pecs book.

I recommend you do this every day in order to consolidate learning and so that these skills can be built on in the coming weeks.

Choose a kitchen task to do with your child using an object from the book. E.g. Grating cheese using a cheese grater, mixing a sauce using a bowl and a spoon. Do a different one each day or the same for a few days and then change it – whatever suits the learning of your child the best.

23rd March 2020

Sensory Circuits

Sensory circuits is completed by Personal Progress most days in F.E.

Students are familiar with the session and can complete with minimal support.

Sensory Circuits is a set of physical activities that provide regular and controlled input to specific sensory-motor systems enabling children to be energised or calmed so that they can get the most out their day. Download the track listing below, which also has links to the songs on Youtube and description of movements.

Download Sensory Circuits


Pegging Washing out

Pegging the Washing out – Download instructions

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