Easter Activities

Happy Easter Ullswater!

Below are some Easter activities.

1. Easter card – using painting with balloons
2. Easter nest to make
3. Paste Eggs
4. Easter egg weaving

Have fun enjoying the sensory experiences.

2nd April 2020

Download Activities – Overview

Ullswater I hope that you have been enjoying the shopping sensory story.  It is really important to read and re-read sensory story’s, so that your child can gain a deeper understanding and begin to show signs of anticipation.  I hope that you continue enjoying the different sensory experiences. 

Activity 1- Relates to the sensory story – it is to spend more time on some slides to enjoy a deeper sensory experience. 

Activity 2 – Relates to the sensory story – creating a paper fan to use in the story

Activity 3 –  A relaxation session – included is a u tube link for relaxing music. 



30th March 2020

Here are three new activities for you to do;

Download Activities – Overview

  1. Here is a new sensory story for you to enjoy this week – Ullswater Go To The Shop

Download document which show which resources to collect before starting and it also explain how to use them for each slide. Again if you haven’t got the exact resources, please improvise and use what you have.   As it’s a shop version, there is an extra slide (11) for you to add other things you might go to the shop for.    Enjoy each sensory activity.

  1. Busy Body’s – can you find different parts of your body? Enjoy exploring hands, arms, feet….
  2. Making music. Drumming is something that pupils in Ullswater have really enjoyed on Friday mornings.  Using the u tube resource, listen to the drumming music, then create your own…. Simply you could just use pans and wooden spoons to create noise.
26th March 2020

We hope that you are enjoying the sensory poem – Seaside.  It is important to read and re-read the poem daily, or as often as you can, with your child.  The repetition helps your child to really begin to understand it and anticipate what is going to happen next.   

Attached are more activities to do together.  Enjoy the different sensory experiences. 

Activity 1 – finding items in your house that make a noise.

Activity 2 – do some cooking…. Make something tasty

Activity 3 – Physical development – moving and stretching.

Download the above activities

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