The therapy extension, completed in September 2018, is a multi-purpose space and is accessed by school staff and a range of visiting professionals including Community Paediatricians, Orthoptists, Speech and Language therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who work collaboratively to identify small step targets and support pupils to access learning through a holistic curriculum.

The new therapy extension means parents will be better placed to support their children to attend various medical and therapy appointments as this will be hosted at school,  minimising time away from learning activities.  The additional facility also provides a quiet open space for multi-disciplinary assessment and the delivery of 1-1 therapeutic sessions, extending and enhancing the range of opportunities that are currently afforded to pupils by the school hall where they can access activities such as balancing swings and rebound therapy to help core strength and practice using wheelchairs and walkers to become more independent.

Here is one of our pupils benefiting from the new space. He is a happy 6 year old boy who benefits from all that the curriculum here at the Loyne Specialist School can offer.  With school staff, therapists and parents working collaboratively he has learned how to propel his wheelchair effectively so he can navigate his way around school and he is taking steps independently using his walker.  His fine motor skills have become more precise and he can now isolate a finger to point which has enabled him to use a communication board to indicate his wants, needs, likes and dislikes.  The progress that he has made is a result of him accessing a holistic therapeutic learning environment where staff, parents and professionals work together with pupils at the centre of everything they do.