Training and CPD

We can provide a wide range of training to equip and empower staff who are supporting pupils with SEN including,

  • Autism & challenging behaviour
  • Writing social stories
  • Makaton (levels 1 to 8, non-accredited) and Early Signing
  • Dyspraxia
  • Motor skills programmes
  • Managing physical impairments
  • Developing early handwriting
  • Speech, Language & Communication
  • Team Teach
  • Moving & Handling

We also run in-house training throughout the school year and you may be able to join us for this (designed especially for schools requiring training for individuals or small groups) or we also can provide training in your own school for larger groups of staff.

We do need to charge for training and you can find more information about what we can provide in our brochure.

If you need training on something that isn’t included in the brochure please contact us at as we may still be able to help.

Upcoming Training

Please find below a menu of training available for teachers and support staff from local schools in a range of specialist teaching approaches. Places are strictly limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis at a cost of £35 per person.

Three places on any course - £90
Book all 8 courses for £200

To book a place please contact

Precision teaching and small-step target setting
22.01.19 (15.30 – 17.30)

Using precision teaching and small steps to ensure effective differentiation and accurate planning and assessment.   

TEACCH systems, Jigs and visual schedules
12.02.19 (15.30 – 17.30)

How to set up a range of visual, structured systems to support routines, transitions and learning in a busy classroom.

The role of Physio / OT and physical interventions in meeting individual needs
14.03.19 (15.30 – 17.30)

Through delivery from therapists and physical development specialists, attendees will gain an understanding of the importance of meeting the physical needs of pupils within an educational setting.

Stages of play, resourcing and planning
02.05.19 (15.30 – 17.30)

Using evidence-based research, attendees will explore the importance of play and how it can be used to promote the social, independence and emotional needs of pupils.

Sensory Processing, differentiating for sensory needs & sensory diets
04.06.19 (15.30 – 17.30)

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the function of sensory seeking behaviour, how sensory processing issues impact on learning and how we can seek to meet these needs through a sensory diet. 

PECS & multi-sensory referencing (including objects of reference)
02.07.19 (15.30 – 17.30)

Attendees will learn about PECS as a method of communication and how multi-sensory referencing can support routines, transitions and learning in a busy classroom.

Contact Us

Please direct all enquiries to the school office team, the telephone will be answered by Karen, Tanya or Alison who will ensure the correct member of our school team responds to you. For any further information you can contact us using the details below or fill in the form on the right and we will get back to you.

Phone: 01524 645 43


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